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CVMA Membership

There are 3 types of CVMA Membership:


Full Member (FM): If you are a Combat Veteran who is serving, or who has served Honorably in the United States Armed Forces and ride a motorcycle you could be eligible for membership with the CVMA.


If you were or are active duty, reserve, or National Guard and you served Honorably, deployed to a combat theater of operations, own and operate a motorcycle of 500cc or larger and carry current insurance you qualify for membership. Veterans, active duty, reserve, and National Guard personnel must be prepared to show proof of combat military service or deployment, on official DOD stationary or forms by:


Veterans: DD214


Active Duty/Reserve/National Guard:


• Army: ORB/ERB (2-1)


• Marine Corps/Navy: Page 4


• Air Force: Award Data Record Page


• Coast Guard: PDR Award Page

Must also provide proof of Motorcycle ownership (registration) Insurance and Motorcycle Endorsement.


Auxiliary (AUX): Must be the spouse of a member in good standing

Must submit a copy  of the Marriage License.


Support Member (SUP): Must be a veteran of the United States Armed Forces with an Honorable Discharge. Must be sponsored by a FM and complete the specific requirements  set forth in the By-laws, and provide documentation of service. Support membership has specific limitations.


You can contact our Officers via the "Contact Us" link and we will contact you and invite you to the next Chapter meeting or meet and greet or check out our calendar and ride out and meet us at one of our events. Should you decide to join you will be required to submit a COPY of your DD214 or related documents and complete an application. Applications can only be obtained from a CEB Officer at a chapter monthly meeting.  All applicants must read and understand  and agree to abide by the National and Chapter By-Laws as well as National and Chapter Protocols and policies. These are the guidelines under which the CVMA operates. 

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